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Our top stories aren’t always our cover stories. But a look at the covers of Mechanical Engineering magazine in 2010 (click here to take a look) helps paint a picture of what was hot last year and of the trends to watch in 2011 and beyond.

The topics of our covers are rarely those of the “spot news” or single-occurrence variety. Rather, they represent important trends that transcend a particular event and have become either breakthroughs or remain challenges that face the profession.

Some of the areas we examined this past year include the responsibility to manage risk in the design of complex systems. This touches both on the engineering and the ethical components of technology. We’ve also explored the tangible importance of diversity of thought in the composition of effective design teams. We looked at the ultimate reward of nanosystems: utilizing mechanical processes to revolutionize the field of oncology. We reviewed the intellectual leadership role that the profession must play in reindustrializing America. And we looked at gee whiz advances in technology that today no longer appear as far-fetched as they would have seemed a few years ago—today’s technology makes the dream of designers plausible.

Overall, we’ve written hundreds of articles this year. It is a privilege to help you stay atop the technology, the news, the trends, and the practices that help you maintain a comprehensive perspective on today’s fast moving technology developments. We look forward to bringing you the developments of 2011.

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The Editor

John G. Falcioni is Editor-in-Chief of Mechanical Engineering magazine, the flagship publication of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

December 2010

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