“teamwork” cited by award recipients

ASME celebrates the work and accomplishments of engineers in many ways throughout the year, but last night here at the Society’s largest annual meeting in Vancouver it was done in grande style.

Using the symbolism of a seed to depict the origin of an engineering idea, through the development of that seed into a root system and then a tree, ASME celebrated the accomplishments of engineers whose work has made an indelible mark on the profession and the world.

In person, 10 recipients were honored during this year’s Honors Assembly. They were: John Abele, ASME Medal; William Adams, Honorary Member; Harry Armen, Honorary Member; Thomas Asmus, Soichiro Honda Medal; Gary Cowger, M. Eugene Merchant Medal of ASME/SME; June Ling, Melvin R. Green Codes & Standards Medal; Keith Thayer, Honorary Member; Charles Vest, Ralph Coats Roe Medal; David Wormley, Honorary Member; Sam Zamrik, Honorary Member.

In accepting their awards, each of the recipients spoke of the teamwork that transformed their own seeds of ideas into technological achievements, and each noted how lucky they were to have so many important people in their lives to help them along the way.

In his usual charm, Harry Armen, recipient of Honorary Membership, spoke from the heart when he said he is best suited for the award of “luckiest engineer” for having the support of his family and colleagues throughout his life.

A full list of honorees and their achievements will be posted on this blog later in the week.

Charles Vest
Charles Vest, president of the National Academy of Engineering, ASME Fellow and ASME Honorary Member, accepting the Ralph Coates Roe Medal last night.

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